WHITCHURCH Men in Sheds has launched a fresh appeal to find a new home after previous plans proved unsuitable.

Men in Sheds (MiS) is an international organisation, conceived to alleviate the problems of loneliness and isolation by providing a venue where men can get together to chat, meet new friends and enjoy a collective hobby.

The concept was started in Australia and has become a worldwide phenomena and in 2013 Men in Sheds UK was formed to support the 15 existing sheds and to promote the formation of others.

Whitchurch MiS previously operated out of Centre North East, but were forced to move out when the condition of the building declined. The group were found a new home near Jubilee Park but Whitchurch organiser Geoff Crowther-Smith says the building would require around £6,000 to bring it up to scratch.

"Here at the Whitchurch shed we, unlike many other sheds, allow the ladies to join us and we encourage all types of crafts and artwork," said Geoff. "However, making things is not compulsory, Sitting sharing thoughts and memories is equally valued and encouraged.

"We have been fortunate to have been loaned woodworking tools and machinery.

"Our aim is to provide a service whereby we can make things for ourselves and others e.g. furniture repairs, toys, etc, plus refurbish benches and other community items for Whitchurch Town Council thereby helping in a small way to preserve our heritage and hopefully reduce the community charge.

"Unfortunately, the premises we did occupy, which was part of the former Centre North East building and which we shared with the youth club, was deemed unfit and we had to vacate them.

"All our machines went into storage, and in order to carry on we are looking for a new venue.

"We currently have more than 25 members who are keen to continue working and meet friends old and new.

"Whitchurch Town Council have been very helpful and have offered us one place on Jubilee park, but we would need to spend around £6,000 to make it secure and it would remain at risk from vandalism and arson etc, so we are still homeless."

Geoff has now launched a new appeal, once again to find the club a new home.

"We are therefore appealing to readers of The Whitchurch Herald," said Geoff. "Do you have, or know of, a space for a workshop which is: secure, big enough to hold several items of machinery plus five work benches, has power and lighting, a toilet and sink, and space for a table.

"And which has parking for several cars close by.

"Ideally it will be in Whitchurch, or on a regular bus route, available on a long term lease and be very cheap rent-wise!

"We are obviously happy to pay for water and electrics and to adapt power supplies (i.e. extra socket outlets) to suit our needs and to paint and decorate and maintain the building as required.

"One thing to note that would be in the landlords favour is that any premises made available to us would not be required to pay community charge due to our charity status, which is obviously a bonus.

"So if you support our cause and can help out, or if you would like to join us, or make a donation to our cause please, please get in touch."

To contact Geoff, call 07783009299 or email g.crowthersmith@gmail.com