WHITCHURCH Town Council has revealed there will be no increase in the precept for the coming year.

The precept is the town council's share of council tax, and thanks to underspending in the last financial year, the town council has been able to set its precept at zero per cent.

Mayor of Whitchurch, Councillor Bev Duffy said she was pleased to pass the council's savings onto residents.

"Whitchurch Town Council has now agreed its budget for 2021/22," said Cllr Duffy. "I am very pleased to report that the precept has been set at zero per cent, which means there will be no rise in council tax for residents from the Whitchurch Town Council portion for the next financial year.

"The town council has been able to utilise monies that were underspent over the last year in order to reflect these important savings for residents."

Meanwhile the town council has been engaged in work behind the scenes during lockdown, working on plans to improve the Civic Centre and installing a new youth shelter in Jubilee Park.

"During this lockdown much work is currently going on behind the scenes at Whitchurch Town Council," added Cllr Duffy. "Our administration teams are currently working from home and the Facilities Team is working at the Civic Centre.

"The Cultural & Civic Centre Committee is working with a local architect to perfect designs for the renovation of the bar lounge, which is a very exciting project.

"Whitchurch Town Council's Facilities Team is currently working through the winter works programme which includes removal, repainting and repairing of town benches.

"A number of benches have already been restored, and these benches are being replaced throughout the town, in time for Spring.

"We are just waiting for lockdown restrictions to ease before the brand new youth shelter and electric bike can be installed in its new home in Jubilee Park."