LEE Brockhurst WI members had just the lively start they needed at their January meeting when Faith Powell entertained with tales of her appearances on many TV quiz shows over 33 years.

Her appreciative audience was bolstered, in addition to Sue Roberts the latest recruit, as members of other WIs in the Wem Group were invited to join via Zoom – one of the (few) benefits of virtual meetings.

Having been instructed to rest whenever she got the chance following the birth of her first child, Faith found herself beguiled by the world of daytime TV quizzes and Going for Gold in particular.

A few months into her viewing and following an invitation from the show to potential quizzers, Faith’s journey through just about every TV quiz you know had begun.

Wipeout was a fond memory of Bob Monkhouse as a lovely but very orange man.

Faith had kept Bob’s cue cards and was able to ask us the final question on 'Piers of the Realm' – not Mr Morgan etc but Southport, Brighton.

Faith has been accepted to take part on The Chase so look out for her once life returns a little more to normal.

The Craft Club is on hold at the moment as it is easier if members can all be in the same room but the Book Club was able to celebrate its 10th anniversary in January.

From early reads such as ‘Tell It To The Bees’ by Fiona Shaw to the latest ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge, variety is definitely the key to the club.

Club co-ordinator Helen James says the group has enjoyed the previous 10 years and is looking forward to the next.

“There is nothing routine or obligatory about our book club: books have been loved, hated, not read, led to further reads: and that’s all at one meeting," said Helen.

"We’ve also discovered we are not a group for highbrow, academic challenges and, it seems we rarely get on with certain classics; take Orlando by Virginia Woolf.

"Challenging reads, however, are ones we still remember and are pleased to have ‘had a go’ at'.

"Here’s to the next ten years!"

Making the most of Zoom meetings by inviting speakers from all over the country, the February speaker is Sarah Slater, a Hampton Court Palace Guide.

Her talk on 'Sex, Secrets, Scandal and Salacious Gossip of the Royal Court, 1660-1830' is apparently fun but not for the prudish – members have been warned!

If you would like to know more about Lee Brockhurst WI please contact the secretary Julie Woolfenden on 01939 200237 or jjwoolfenden@gmail.com