THOUSANDS of pounds plus designer watches, cars and clothing have been confiscated from a gang jailed for raiding ATMs over the Midlands and Wales, including in Whitchurch.

The gang were jailed at Shrewsbury Crown Court in April 2019 but West Mercia Police’s Economic Crime Unit pursued the gang using the Proceeds of Crime Act to secure assets deemed to be the proceeds of their criminality.

Noel Anthony Reilly, who was sentenced to seven years and six months was deemed to have accrued £1,294,032.97 from the crimes, with police already seizing £64,997.99 and a large amount of luxury items including a vehicle, designer watches and clothing.

Martin Solomon Stubbs, sentenced to six years and eight months, was deemed by the court to have benefited from the crimes to the sum of £1,238,616.98.

Stubbs was ordered to pay £74,118.81 and items including vehicles, designer watches and clothing.

Police will sell off items from both Reilly and Stubbs.

However, Martin Paul Steadman, sentenced to seven years and six months, gained a reported £1,236,193.10, but as no assets were linked to Steadman, he was ordered to pay just £10.

Mohammed Maneer Khan, sentenced to four years and 10 months, was ordered to pay back £3,000 – seized by police at the time of his arrest – of around £360,000 on January 15 this year.

Marcus Burton, sentenced to five years and 10 months, was said to have benefited to the amount of £231,480.00. No assets were linked to Burton and he was also ordered to pay £10.

A further £126,010 in cash seized by police (linked to their last ATM offence) was ordered to be paid back to the victim.

Senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Gavin Kinrade, who led the investigation said: “Our pursuit of those involved in organised crime does not stop when they are sentenced.

"This series of confiscation hearings demonstrates that we will continue to relentlessly pursue those involved in organised crime to strip them of their assets. That includes literally taking the designer shoes off their feet and the designer shirts off their backs.

“While we have recovered a large amount of cash and valuables the public can be assured that we will relentlessly pursue the gang members for the outstanding money.

"The outstanding benefit figures are a debt for life and we will revisit these orders on a regular basis as part of our management of Organised Crime Gang members.

“Organised crime blights our communities and will continue to be a priority for our force. As part of our operational response to serious and organised crime we are making increased use of additional new powers afford to us under the Proceeds of Crime Act such as Account Freezing Orders, Listed Assets Orders and Unexplained Wealth Orders.

"I would appeal to members of the public to pick up the phone and let us know of anyone you believe to be involved in organised crime or appears to be living beyond their means.

“If you have information but don’t feel comfortable speaking to police, you can speak to the independent charity Crimestoppers.

"It is anonymous, they never ask your name and they cannot trace your call or I.P address. You can contact them online or by calling 0800 555 111.”