PEOPLE are being urged to 'snitch' on pubs breaking lockdown regualtions in Shropshire.

The call for information of any potential wrongdoing by establishments providing takeaway services, which is allowed during lockdown, has come from Shropshire Council which says it has received a number of reports about pubs across the county.

A council spokesman said that with case numbers in the thousands, they are urging pub owners to not fall foul of the regulations and do their bit.

"With 1,168 new Covid-19 cases reported in Shropshire last week, it is critical for all pubs that are continuing to trade to follow the above rules and implement relevant Covid-19-secure work place measures to suppress the spread of the virus," said the spokesman.

"The council is now urging colleagues and councillors to provide feedback on whether pubs are open and if you are using their services to report how well the pubs are complying with the below restrictions and implementing Covid-19-secure measures.

"Please provide feedback to or contact 0345 678 9067 and select option 4.

"Your details will not be shared with any business.

"Your feedback will inform us of any problems there are, but it’s also important that we know when pubs are doing well and are complying with the restrictions and putting appropriate measures in place; so, please let us know what’s good and what’s not.

"Officers will then use the information to focus on problematic pubs and ensure that action is taken to protect the public and staff."

The type of feedback the council wants from anyone wishing to 'snitch' on the pubs includes allowing customers to enter premises to order and collect takeaways; operating drive through or click-and-collect services; operating delivery services; supplying alcohol through takeaways, drive through or click-and-collect.

Shropshire Council also wants to know if pubs are taking measures to stop customers from consuming food or drinks at any adjacent seating and operating social distancing measures where possible.

Pubs can continue to trade in Shropshire during the current lockdown if they sell food and non-alcoholic drinks on a takeaway basis between 5am and 11pm.

This means that customers can enter the premises to place and collect their order. They can also sell food and non-alcoholic drinks via drive through or click-and-collect, where the goods are pre-ordered by phone (including by text message), online, via a mobile app or post, and collected without customers entering the premises.

The may sell food and drinks, including alcohol, through delivery services where the goods are pre-ordered by phone (including by text message), online, via a mobile app or post.

They must not allow customers to consume food or drinks from any adjacent seating to the premises.