A WEM RAF veteran has launched an appeal to residents to donate unwanted laptops and tablets for use in nearby schools.

Ted Davies, 84, is a regular fundraiser in Wem and his latest project seeks to benefit schools lacking in IT equipment.

The idea came about after Ted read about how schools were struggling and realising he had an unused laptop, and enquired if the schools would be interested.

It was a resounding 'yes' from the schools, and Ted used his connections to see if other Wem residents could help.

So far Ted has gathered nine laptops, of which three have had a factory reset and were donated to local schools.

The BBC recently launched a similar scheme, although Ted explains that his idea is unrelated.

"Before the BBC decided to have a campaign I started this because I read about the schools and how they were struggling with IT equipment," said Ted.

"I decided I had one lying round, there must be other people with ones lying round too.

"I emailed everyone I knew as I know lot of people with things I am involved in, at the end of the day I got nine and I contacted the schools.

"First made sure they were cleaned of all data, rang the schools, and asked them if they wanted them – the response was wonderful.

The ones I have given to in St Peter's and Thomas Adams and I will have some for Newtown soon too.

"The only problem I have really is letting people know in the Wem area that I am here and I am collecting.

"From a point of view it's a good idea because the BBC has done it too but I am trying to get people locally.

"Everyone can do a good deed and a good deed a day is better than a bad deed."

If you have an unused laptop or tablet, and wish to get in touch with Ted, call 01939 234387 or email teddavies663@icloud.com