THE MP for Eddisbury, Edward Timpson, is looking to hear the views of women and girls across Cheshire to help shape the Government's strategy to tackle violence and abuse.

The Government is updating its Violence Against Women and Girls strategy, and has launched a nationwide call for evidence in order to ensure that those who have lived experiences of abuse and violence, and the views of members of the public, are at the heart of plans to stop these harmful crimes.

The call for evidence runs until February 19.

A number of important steps have already taken place in this area, including strengthening the law on crimes such as stalking, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

There have already been many responses, shining a sobering light on the prevalence of gender-based violence in society, with this information shaping the most effective policy to tackle the issue.

That is why Mr Timpson is urging those who have experiences or views to come forward in the final few weeks of the Government's call for evidence, and to take part in the anonymous survey.

This not only includes frontline professionals and academics, victims and survivors, but their families and friends, and members of the public in Eddisbury who have been indirectly affected.

"I know it takes a lot of courage for those who have experienced violence and abuse to come forward," said the MP. "But this information is vital in tackling acts of gender-based violence.

"Our strategy needs to reflect the views and experiences of those who have been directly and indirectly affected, in order to stop these harmful and often hidden crimes happening in our society.

"Crimes that disproportionately affect women and girls range from rape and female genital mutilation, to upskirting and online offences; they can have terrible effects on victims.

"We want to do all we can to tackle these appalling crimes, through a new strategy to tackle violence against women and girls.

"With one month to go until the call for evidence closes, please help us to create a strategy to tackle crimes against women and girls in the 21st century."

You can participate in the call for evidence online at