ANOTHER week brings a fresh batch of photographs showcasing the very best aspects of life in the region.

It has been said many times before but we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Relative isolation may be a hindrance but during the past 10 months of rolling national and regional lockdowns and social restrictions it has been a blessing.

Of course we miss the hustle and bustle of life before March 2020 and all hope that the roll out of vaccines will lead to a return to normality before the end of summer.

However in the meantime we can keep our minds and bodies busy by following the example of the camera club members who continue to raise the bar in terms of the quality and variation of their weekly offerings.

From breathtaking landscape pictures to stunning pet pictures, our camera club members have embraced the positives of lockdown.

By spending more time in the great outdoors and with their pets I am sure many have come to find a level of inner peace and harmony and perhaps others have benefitted from the schedule of seeking out a perfect picture.

We can only do what we can until the situation changes and we are once again permitted to continue with our lives.

In the meantime, take care of one another, enjoy the simple things, follow the rules and, hopefully, soon we will meet again.