AN ONLINE talk will be held this month discussing Soulton Long Barrow and its impact on society.

'Contemporary Barrows in the landscape – The Soulton Long Barrow' will be held by Merlin Fulcher of The Architects Journal and will feature speakers Tim Ashton, Martin Fildes and Toby Angel.

The online event will be hosted via Zoom by Sacred Stones and Soulton Hall on Thursday, Janurary 28 at 7pm.

Tim Ashton, from Soulton Hall, said the talk would give viewers a chance to explore the ideas behind the long barrow.

He said: "Long Barrows were first established by the earliest farmers and architects of the British Isles around 5,000 years ago.

"They were spaces created to venerate the dead and we think as a form of community centre facilitating civic and creative life.

"The UK has witnessed a revival in the crafting of barrows designed to fit the 21st century, with five having been built across England since 2014, the first of these being the long barrow at All Cannings.

"The Soulton Long Barrow was completed in December 2020, in time to mark the Winter Solstice to which it is aligned.

"Our panel discussion is an opportunity to explore the ideas involved, from archaeology to culture, invite conversation and interpretation from a broader audience, document the experiences shared and the ways in which the project continues to evolve and add to our archive which records the journey from concept to an indeterminable future point.

"Please, join the call five minutes prior to the scheduled start and please, ensure your microphone is muted.

"All questions should be posted in the ‘chat’ window and if you're unable to post a question on the chat screen, you can send via email to"

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