Whitchurch Alport manager, Luke Goddard, has given an insight into the problems he was facing just ahead of a third lockdown in 10 months.

Last season was scrapped with Alport having completed nearly 30 games in a 38 fixture campaign.

This term was halted for the whole of November and again at the end of December meaning the Reds had only played one North West Counties League (NWCFL) game since the end of October.

It has left the Alport manager exasperated and he spoke of his frustration along with his staff regarding preparation for games – and specifically one which was postponed due to inclement weather conditions.

Hanley Town were due at the KMJ Mortgages Stadium two days after Boxing Day but torrential rains left the Yockings Park playing surface unplayable.

“We hadn’t trained in the week prior to Christmas but I had telephoned each player the day before the match to tell them to turn up at the ground for 6.30pm,” said Goddard.

“Fast forward 24 hours and we are having to contact them again to tell them the game has been called off.

“We were due to travel to Burscough on the Saturday so ordinarily we would have arranged training on the Thursday night, but then the Government put us into immediate lockdown.

“The whole situation is farcical and I see the Southern League and Northern Leagues have recommended that their seasons are scrapped.

“The NWCFL are rightly waiting on updates from the Football Association (FA) but as it would be mid-March at the earliest before we could get going again, I’m sure most clubs would prefer the campaign to end once again.”

Goddard said completing the season seemed unfeasible.

He said: “Some clubs have only played four matches, it’s just not feasible to expect them to complete another 34 matches in less than three months.

“With this new strain of the virus and a suggestion that restrictions will be ramped up soon, I don’t see non-elite football starting up again until August at the earliest.”