PROGRESS is being made to ensuring industries in Whitchurch have a reliable electricity supply for years to come.

In 2019 permission was granted for electricity suppliers SP Energy Networks to construct a new power line between Oswestry and Wem, which would be fed to Whitchurch.

The development is in response to an energy crisis around a decade ago, when Whitchurch did not have a reliable source of electricity for some of the larger companies.

In 2014 Shropshire councillor for Whitchurch, Gerald Dakin, expressed disappointment when the town missed out on funding for an upgrade the town’s electricity supply.

But hope was renewed with SP Energy Network's announcement of a new 132,000-volt power line between Oswestry and Wem, including a new substation.

At present, SP Energy Networks is set to complete construction of the new power line by 2022.

However, the firm says this date will be kept under continuous review as they continue to follow Government guidelines on Covid-19.

Of the initial short supply of power, Cllr Dakin said: "We tapped into an extra supply from Tarporley and we had an abundance of power from Oswestry to Wem, and then along line from Wem to Whitchurch.

"In about 2017 we had the extra line put in and we had to have permission to come across from Oswestry."

Speaking of the new power line, Cllr Dakin said it was 'important' with several new developments taking place across Whitchurch in the next few years.

"It's important as there is an extra 1,600 houses coming to Whitchurch, along with the new business park," he added.