ANOTHER month has passed and we head into December with renewed optimism.

None can deny the rigours and pains of the past nine months and perhaps November perfectly summed up the mood of many.

November is not a month many savour.

Indeed the month is called Y mis du in Wales, translated to the black month.

Likely the nickname stems from the early sunsets and long days of darkness which have certainly been a prominent feature of this month.

After all this is the month when rain and fog dominate our landscapes, lacking the natural beauty of snow which we welcome as much as we endure over Christmas and New Year.

However look closer and rays of light can be seen penetrating the thick fog.

Like the welcome news of a vaccine being discovered and preparations for a national roll-out last month, the light is battling to find a way through the darkness.

As for our intrepid camera club members, their roles as visual story tellers of a year that none will ever forget continues.

This merry band of snappers continue to brave the elements to capture and showcase all the wonders their area has to offer.

From the waterways and hills to the nature and wildlife all around us – the camera club members have gone above and beyond to bring some welcome cheer to our readers throughout the year and long may it continue.