A WEM Girl Guiding leader has been congratulated after winning a county commissioner award.

Katie Carter has been given the award thanks to her contributions to the group, including her work fundraising and encouraging group members to reach their full potential.

Katie was congratulated by her good friend Tash Oliver, who said that without her efforts over the last few years, the local Brownies group would likely not be where it is today.

"Just wanted to let the whole community know how amazing she is," said Tash. !After meeting Katie a few years ago at play group I opened my mouth and told her I was a guiding leader.

"She mentioned to me she used to be in guiding before she moved to Shropshire.

"In my head I thought great we are short of leaders.

"I roped her into the deep end a little as our brownie group was going to shut down if we didn't have anyone to take over from the lovely Lorraine – but I didn't dare tell Katie that at the time.

"Over the past few years Katie has encouraged so many young girls to face there fears and challenged them to reach their full potential.

"Katie has done a lot of fundraising for 1st Wem Guiding and continues to put in so much effort and time for all three guiding groups Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

"All of Wem Guiding will forever be grateful to you Katie."

Tash hopes that despite the difficulties of 2020, the Guides will be back at full strength for next year, with the help of Katie.

"This year has been a blip with not being allowed to meet in person doing out normal guiding activities but this year we have got active online and managed a online sleepover," added Tash

"Next year fingers crossed we can help give the girls of Wem and surrounding areas more amazing memories, laughter and challenges – and of course badges.

"I hope the whole of Wem community will help congratulate Katie on her achievement."