PATIENTS with a learning disability and insulin-treated diabetes can now access a free Flash Glucose Monitor thanks to Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

The monitors help people manage their blood sugar levels which can result in fewer ambulance call outs and hospital visits.

A Flash Glucose Monitor, or Flash for short, comes with a small sensor which is applied to the skin and used to read blood sugar levels. Flash users do not need to use a finger-prick test.

Dr Julian Povey, joint chairman of Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin CCGs, said the device was easier than the tradition finger-prick test.

He said: "If you have diabetes and use insulin it's important to understand your blood sugar levels so that you can stay well.

"Flash makes it easier to check your glucose levels and you don't need as many finger-prick tests.

"It enables you to take action earlier giving patients, families and carers more confidence in managing the condition.

"The Flash monitor collects information about your glucose levels and you can check your own levels by using an app on your phone.

"You can also share this information with people who support you to keep well and is available on prescription for people with learning disabilities and insulin-treated diabetes.

"During coronavirus, information can also be easily shared with your diabetes team during an appointment online or on the telephone.

"This enables the diabetes team to review and adjust care appropriately."

All people with Type 1 diabetes or insulin-treated Type 2 diabetes, who are living with a learning disability, and are recorded on their GP learning disability register are eligible for Flash.

Patients can raise Flash at their next diabetes routine review with their specialist diabetes nurse or consultant.

For patients not currently under specialist care, they should discuss with their GP who may refer them to the diabetes specialist team.

Help using Flash can be provided by diabetes teams, and frequently asked questions about Flash are available at