With the potential reopening of cinemas still two weeks away we’re staying with the streaming services, and BBC’s iPlayer has three great choices available.

Fans of sharp comedy will love Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in A Simple Favour, directed by Paul Feig who helmed Bridesmaids and sharing a similar soul.

Kendrick plays Stephanie, a ‘vlogger’ posting parenting videos on YouTube, who meets smart and sophisticated Emily (Lively) when their young children become friends.

When Emily disappears, Stephanie turns amateur sleuth to track her down. Secrets come tumbling out in a delightful twisty-turny funny thriller that thankfully you don’t need to know much about the world of vlogging to enjoy.

This had some mysteriously poor reviews and underperformed at the box office, but is an absolute delight.

Emma Thompson is an actor who lifts even the most mundane film, and she does more than her fair share of the heavy lifting in The Children Act, also streaming on iPlayer. This adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel centres around High Court Judge Fiona Maye, and a case involving a Jehovah’s Witness’s right to refuse a life-saving blood transfusion.

It’s the kind of perfectly polite film that never quite takes off, but is elevated by Thompson into a watchable drama, an ideal choice for a rainy Sunday afternoon, of which there seem to be plenty right now.

Lastly, many of us will have studied RC Sherriff’s classic play Journey’s End. Courtesy of iPlayer, we can see Asa Butterfield’s naïve newcomer to the First World War, with Sam Claflin as his old school teacher turned company commander.

A fantastic cast including Paul Bettany and Toby Jones and some brilliant directing turn this into a visceral tour de force bringing something new to a familiar story.