Last week the government announced it was bringing the deadline when the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will end to 2030

The take up of electric vehicles is rapidly on the increase, especially from a fleet point of view. Not only is this option massively better for our environment, but also for your business – it makes a lot of sense for businesses to adopt electric vehicles.

With government and manufacturer commitments promising a huge increase in electrical vehicles, more of your customers’ mindset will shift.

Their decision on where to go will suddenly have an important factor, where can they charge their vehicle? As a forward-thinking business, you need to meet these needs and put your business at the forefront of supporting this change. Plus, if people are charging their vehicle, they’ve got time to kill with a minimum of 30 minutes.

Can you offer them goods or services conveniently during that time? Goods to browse, services to consume, or personal administration capability?

Covid-19 has given rise to a range of business model changes and this is another opportunity for you to adapt and grow.

Nexus Electrics is behind you.

Now although implementing electrical vehicles and charging points may seem like a complicated process, it’s really straightforward and we’re behind you throughout.

We can support you through the process of applying for the grants that are available, which can be up to £14,000. We could also potentially save up to 25 percent of the installation costs for you.

We can talk you through the process and support you from start to finish.

So, through applying for the grant, through to the installation, we are here.

To speak to us about implementing it in your business, talk to our team 01691 581 581.