AUTUMN rarely tops people’s lists of favourite seasons.

Such days as these lack the rebirth of spring, growth of summer and the stunning backdrops of winter.

However autumn has its charms.

Philosopher Albert Camus described autumn as a “second summer when every leaf is a flower” while American poet William Cullen Bryant called it “the year’s last, loveliest smile”.

It is hard to disagree with such sentiments.

For while the trees lay bare and flowers no longer bloom we are instead treated to another great spectacle of nature.

Every woodland becomes an explosion of colour as leaves of every variety shed their healthy green and slowly fade.

Though even then such wonders of of the natural world give us one final gift as they descend into red, purple, yellow and brown before finally disappearing into the nothingness.

However that is not the end of their story and as the soils are enriched, so continues the cycle of life.

This is also the time of year for stunning sun sets and morning light.

What was once unremarkable suddenly becomes heaven on earth as the autumn sun casts its rays through the barren tree tops and streets to bring a different perspective and chance to capture nature in all its glory.

One can never say when such an opportunity will present itself so keep your cameras at hand.