VISITORS to Whixall Moss will soon have a new way to view the local fauna with the construction of a five metre high viewing platform.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust is leading the project as part of the overall BogLIFE work to regenerate the Mosses and provide more opportunities for visitors to share in the area's mystery and the magic.

The aim is to have a number of installations around the moss, so as to give visitors a new to view the area.

Helen Trotman of Shropshire Wildlife Trust said she was delighted to see construction on the new platform underway.

"If you’ve been out for a walk on Whixall Moss lately, you may be wondering what’s going on – there’s a large structure going up on the edge of the Moss," she said.

"Well, wonder no more: it’s the start of a five metre high viewing tower that will provide an incredible bird’s eye view over the expanse of the Marches Mosses.

“We’re thrilled to see the platform taking shape and can’t wait to sample the view of the Moss from the top.

"This is the first of a series of new installations that are aimed at improving the experience for visitors.

"We’re currently developing the interpretation that will support the platform and which will be in place by the summer next year.

"The Marches Mosses are a great place for a walk and while you’re there, you can check on the progress of the viewing tower – or just take in the sights and sounds of autumn on the Mosses which are magical, even at ground level."