WHITCHURCH Alport manager Luke Goddard is fearful that his club could suffer more than most after the second national lockdown was imposed because of Covid-19.

The Reds have only played two league games at the KMJ Mortgages Stadium since the beginning of March and Alport’s boss has concerns that all the momentum gained over the past four years may be in danger of evaporating.

It is not that many moons ago that the town’s football team was playing in front of crowds of 20 or 30 in a decaying ground and with a clubhouse that, although welcoming, was nowhere near as pleasant as the ultra-modern surroundings of the ever improving Yockings Park.

Goddard knows that the input of so many people has been central to Alport’s success and is pleading for everyone to help out wherever they can as the club patiently awaits the end of the second national lockdown.

He said: “We have based all of our core values around involving the local community and building team spirit right the way through the club.

“We can’t afford to lose that because that’s our identity and you can see there are other clubs even in our division that attract gates of 60 or 70 and sometimes less than that, so they’re unlikely to be affected in the same way as we are.

“The lockdown has led to the closing of the stadium gates apart from the ongoing building work taking place at the ground but when we return to some kind of normality, I hope we can count on our supporters to come flooding back and see the work that has been done here.”

Goddard insisted the club was pressing ahead with its ambitions despite the set back of lockdown.

He said: “We haven’t simply rested on our laurels; it’s been a case of pushing this club forward even in these worrying times for all.”

Meanwhile, the club have relaunched their Saturday donation scheme where supporters are asked to donate £10 based on what they might spend on a typical matchday.

Fans can pay each week using account number 00031674 and sort code 30-99-58.