WHITCHURCH Town Council will further discuss their plans for Centre North East (CNE) at this month's full council meeting.

In recent months the town council has made steps forward in their plans for CNE, including discussing outline ideas for how the building will be repaired, future inhabitants and how the whole project will be funded.

Following discussion between councillors and the community, it was decided that CNE would reestablished as a charity-run youth centre, overseen by the town council.

At September's full council meeting, a plan for Centre North East was agreed upon, including works to fix the building's roof and sub-letting the building to a yet-to-be formed Community Interest Company (CIC).

Councillors are now making further steps towards achieving this goal and at this week's full council meeting, to be held virtually on Thursday, November 19, councillors will discuss three items relating to CNE, including outlining their plans to take up the lease for the building, and ensuring it is safe for future occupants.

The three items on the agenda involve agreeing to the lease and how it will allow any essential works to happen and agreeing to the commissioning of a refurbishment asbestos report.

The plans for CNE are not the only youth project in Whitchurch being discussed at the meeting.

Councillors will receive a recommendation from the Parks and Public Realm Committee to install a Youth Pod in Jubilee Park, as well as a report on youth services in the town.

The establishment of a youth pod in the town has been a long-running discussion point between councillors, with the project having been agreed around four years ago.

Other items to be discussed at the meeting include a discussion into how to engage with the Shropshire Climate Action Partnership.

The meeting will take place from 7.15pm and members of the public can attend via us02web.zoom.us/j/81958622775?pwd=RWZDcEtmZzl1aUxlaXRDb1dGNE5NUT09