WHAT a strange time of year Autumn is.

Some days we seem to be enjoying the warmth of summer still yet others we are left in no doubt that winter is well on its way.

As the cycle of nature continues unabated by the concerns of mankind it is humbling and reassuring to sit back and enjoy the countryside in all of its glory.

Certainly the weather is proving no obstacle to our camera club members who have continued their fine work in showcasing all the area has to offer.

Of course we are indeed fortunate to live in such an area which remains relatively unspoiled by the advances of the modern age.

At times we pang for more mod cons and closer links to the outside world.

However it is worth remembering that the rest of the world, at least a great many, would trade their fibre optic cables in a heartbeat to live in such an area as ours.

For we have it all.

From unspoiled woodland and breathtaking waterfalls, clean lakes and rivers and churches and chapels built when the world had been a vastly different place.

All have stood the test of time.

This year has not been one which has given much and 2020 will be remembered as the year when more was lost than gained.

However it may well be remembered as the year when people once again re-engaged with the countryside.