We’re here again, cinemas closed and streaming services to the fore.

The ‘Am I going mad or are these things actually happening?’ genre goes all the way back to 1944’s Gaslight and seem mostly set in mansions in America.

However, 2020’s Make Up (Streaming on iPlayer), moves the setting to an out of season caravan park in Cornwall to brilliant effect.

Ruth arrives to spend the winter with her boyfriend to help maintain the facilities. Noticing a few strands of red hair on his clothes, she starts to suspect he’s cheating on her, occasional glimpses of a red-haired figure who can’t be found adding to her mounting uncertainty.

You notice the colour red running throughout the film with gas canisters, fingernail polish and clothing vividly breaking the washed out colours of the sand dunes and caravans. This is the kind of film that slowly sucks you into its world and even has you doubting what you’ve seen; we had to repeatedly re-watch one scene.

A belated Hallowe’en treat for anyone preferring slow burn menace to jump scares and I can’t recommend it enough, though it does feature some strong language, sex and nudity.

A European counterpart could well be Thelma, screening now on Alll4/Channel4.com

Embracing a sense of the supernatural, Thelma plays it straight and triumphs. Our title character has just started university in Oslo yet her parents still seem intimately involved in her life.

When an unexpected attraction blossoms, strange events start happening around Thelma that make her question her past and future.

With one of the best opening sequences I’ve seen in ages, this psychological drama will stay with you for days. Watch it on the biggest screen you’ve got to appreciate the gorgeous imagery.