When you live in volatile and uncertain times, should you put your long-term plans on hold?

Glance at a stock market’s performance over the course of a few weeks and what stands out is probably not the general direction of travel, but the short-term see-sawing of prices.

The wide range of current challenges make the world highly unpredictable. In the context of saving and investing, the products and services we need to help us are similarly numerous and complex.

Do you DIY invest, seek guidance, or look for professional financial advice?

Do you know your ISAs from your pensions and unit trusts – and how do you choose?

Where should you invest? In public or private markets? In equities, bonds, or property? Should you seek out active managers or passive funds?

The weight, number and nuance of such questions can make us yearn for simpler times – and bury our heads in the sand. Yet that will not help you secure a brighter future for you and your family.

At Hartey Wealth Management our advisers are equipped to keep your eyes focused on the horizon and work with you to help achieve your long-term financial goals.

Your emotions can prevent you achieving your investment goals – even long-term investors can all too easily respond emotionally to short-term volatility; and make bad decisions as a result.

Please get in touch should you have any concerns or would like to discuss in more detail.

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