PEOPLE in England won't be able to break lockdown by visiting pubs in Wales over the next month, a Welsh Government minister has said.

Eluned Morgan, minister for mental health, wellbeing and the Welsh language, said test, track and trace in Wales will prevent people breaking lockdown by travelling from England to visit pubs this side of the border.

Ms Morgan was asked how it would be policed, and whether there was a concern from business owners near the border.

Responding, she said: "People in England should not be moving.

"They have had an instruction to stay at home and that is what they should be doing.

"If people do try and cross the border and to try and gain access to hospitality in Wales our test, track and trace system, which will now be effective for everybody going in to a pub, will, when they have to give their address, make it clear that they should not be frequenting that establishment."


Some businesses in the hospitality sector have also expressed concerns about their ability to open.

They felt as though, under the new regulations due on Monday, it would not be financially viable for them to re-open.

Ms Morgan said: "We have been having very detailed discussions with the hospitality sector and it was clear that there were concerns about these strict new measures.

"What we are doing is giving people the opportunity to open if they choose.

"We are not forcing them to open and, of course, there will be opportunity for people to access finance if they decide that it is not possible for them to open under the new circumstances."