WHITCHURCH Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) has been cracking down on antisocial driving in the town, with one driver being issued a warning.

The police have the power to issue a Section 59 warning, which is aimed at putting the brakes on drivers who pose an annoyance to those around them.

The SNT say they have received numerous reports of antisocial driving, resulting in one Section 59 warning being issued.

A spokesman for Whitchurch SNT said: "Whitchurch Safer Neighbourhood Team have had numerous reports of vehicles being driven in a manner causing alarm, distress and annoyance within Whitchurch.

"These reports are being investigated, one driver has been identified at this time and has been issued a Section 59 warning.

"A Section 59 was written in law to stop antisocial use of motor vehicles. The law is there to stop antisocial use of motor vehicles that annoy the public or place people at risk.

"It also stops offenders who disrupt the quality of life of others at homes nearby.

"A Section 59 warning is issued first to allow the driver to make adjustments to their driving style or to their motor vehicles.

"If there are further complaints about the driver once the section 59 warning has been issued, police then have the power to seize the motor vehicle.

"Once the vehicle is seized, the owner is liable for recovery and storage costs which must be paid before they can get their vehicle back."