THE chairman of Whitchurch Rugby Club says he is delighted to offer his club's services to the community in the absence of on-field action.

Last week the Edgeley Road club was the site of Whitchurch's Covid-19 testing centre, with the ground's car park being used for drive-through testing and the clubhouse being used for flu jabs.

For the club this is not the first time they have offered an important medical service, as last year Whitchurch Rotary Club also used the site to offer PSA prostate cancer tests.

John Oakden, club chairman, says he is proud the club is being used to meet the needs of the community.

"The club was used Thursday and Friday last week as a testing station for Covid-19 and is being used again this week for people with appointments," he explained. "It is a drive-in testing station and so the car park is utilised in a one-way system and the patient never leaves the car.

"The flu jabs were conducted inside the clubhouse by the Churchmere practice on Saturday and Sunday and saw well in excess of 1,000 people getting their flu jabs.

"Again, a one-way system and strict social distancing was observed.

"This follows the successful session by the Rotary Club where more than 500 men had PSA tests for prostate cancer.

"We might not be able to play rugby at this time but the community needs are still being met by Whitchurch Rugby Club.

"It is allowing its facilities to be used for medical checks or using its grounds for more than 250 mini and junior rugby players, more than 200 junior football players or 50 Whitchurch Whippets to start their twice weekly runs as well as training for all the senior rugby players, male and female."