WEM will mark Remembrance Day slightly differently this year, with a ceremony of reduced scope taking place.

As with many events this year, restrictions around Covid-19 and social-distancing have prevented the town from holding a large-scale ceremony, with limited numbers being invited to the Remembrance service.

At Wem Town Council's full council meeting, held virtually on Thursday, September 24, Councillor Edward Towers put forward ideas for the format of this year's ceremony.

"This year will be a much reduced meeting in scope, in line with Covid business," said Cllr Towers. "There will only be a gathering at the war memorial and only those involved.

"Following the act of remembrance there is to be no church service for this day as usual, but there will be a normal Sunday morning parish service.

"There's also a recommendation of a limited attendance on Armistice Day itself.

"The recommendation is that town council cover cost of live streaming and Wem police are asked to provide a presence on the day.

"Basically although there may be less critical presence, with these other measures there may be more people from the town involved."

Based on Cllr Towers' report, council clerk Penny O'Hagan further elaborated on the council's plans.

"We're not asking people to come out at 11 to lay their wreath, we're asking all the people involved to lay their wreath throughout the week," she said.

"Although we've reduced the wreath laying down to seven, each wreath represents multiple organisations so no one will be left out.

"We're very sensitive to the fact this needs to be handle carefully and we want to make sure everyone is represented."