WEM will look at new ways of collecting for this year's poppy appeal in line with Covid-19 restrictions.

But despite the restrictions, plans are being put in place to ensure people can still take part in the appeal.

Daniel Thomas, poppy appeal organiser, said a will be delivered to volunteers to explain the new measures.

"There will be a letter on its way to all volunteers that collected in 2019 for the Wem Poppy Appeal who I have an address for," said Daniel.

"This will set out the plans for the 2020 poppy appeal, because of Covid-19 guidelines this will be very different to the usual appeal but there are still many ways you can get involved safely.

"The priority this year is to ensure that everyone who wants to take part in remembrance can do and to ensure that poppies are available safely within the community.

"Poppies and other remembrance items will be available from key locations in the area, these will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

"These will be picked to ensure poppies are available in central locations as we are likely to only be running at 10 to 20 per cent usual capacity."