A YOUNG boy from Malpas has inspired thousands with his poem on his experience of suffering with a stammer.

Sam Wiggins, 10, read the poem – titled 'I Have a Stammer' – in a video published on the Youtube channel of the charity Stamma.

Stamma provide information, resources and support to those who stammer as well as those close to them such as family, friends, educators, employers and colleagues.

Sam's video, produced with the help of mum Victoria, has been viewed more than 2,000 times and has been shared on various Malpas community pages.

Victoria says she is proud of Sam's courage in letting his voice be heard.

"Sam has had a stammer since he was about three, we have written a poem together to raise awareness and support others," she said.

"It has taken Sam an awful lot of courage to put himself out there, he has been very brave to help other children who may be struggling, our aim is to raise awareness.

"It has taken him so much courage and bravery to put himself out there and be vulnerable to people's comments.

"He's amazing.”

Meanwhile Jane Powell, CEO of Stamma, appreciated Sam's poem and the awareness it has helped raise.

"The poem is lovely, it has been a huge hit across the country with people who stammer, particularly with parents of children who stammer," she said.

"Around eight per cent of children between the ages of three and five will stammer at some point, but for some, about one per cent of adults, they will continue have this condition, which often runs in families.

"Sam’s poem beautifully captures what it is like to have a stammer."