IT was once written by William Shakespeare that “one touch of nature makes the whole world kin”.

One can perhaps wonder whether the world famous bard would have been a Whitchurch Herald Camera Club member had he been born a few centuries later.

Certainly our camera club members share his love for the great outdoors.

For beauty is all around us – in the fields where animals graze and farmers go about their business, much as they have done for centuries.

Or perhaps beauty can be discovered in the famous canals and waterways of Shropshire where so many have found pleasure over the years and many continue to contribute to making them a vibrant place even today.

Whether they are two-legged inhabitants on the barges or perhaps the webbed feet variety who have made the canals home for generations.

Indeed beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everywhere we look we can find it – if we look close enough.

Whether that be a frog going about his daily business or the silent but essential business of bees pollinating flowers and ensuring the cycle of nature continues, if we look for beauty then we will find it.

Perhaps the simple things are also where we can find beauty.

The sun setting over a empty sports field, or maybe the sight of a passing steam train.