The latest from Oswestry Film Society...

We’re in a pickle this week, an ‘American Pickle’, screening at Kinokulture this Friday and Saturday night.

This has generally good reviews and puts a new spin on a ‘fish out of water’ story, although here it’s more a ‘fish out of brine’ story. The year is 1919 and struggling immigrant Herschel Greenbaum falls into a vat of pickling liquid at the factory where he works, emerging in perfect condition a century later.

Now a media sensation, Herchsel finds his family is still living in Brooklyn. His great grandson, Ben, is a computer programmer with a lifestyle and career that Herschel can’t even start to understand, but the two try to find some common ground and sense of family nevertheless.

With both main characters played by comic actor Seth Rogen, ‘American Pickle’ has plenty of laughs but also has something to say about our modern ways of living. Rogen has comfortably strayed into more serious roles before in films like ‘Steve Jobs’, so a role that needs more than just double takes could suit him well.

Also playing at Kinokulture this weekend is family film ‘Call of The Wild’, think a modern take on ‘Lassie’ as Buck the dog is taken to Alaska in the days of the American goldrush.

With a fantastic cast led by Harrison Ford sporting more whiskers than Buck, this looks like an old fashioned family treat. Screening at 2pm it’s just the thing to follow your Sunday Roast – more at for tickets and more.

For home viewing, iPlayer has a great selection of films including ‘Molly’s Game’ (High stakes poker drama), ‘The Accountant’ and the slightly underwhelming Tom Hanks drama ‘Sully’ about the 2009 passenger plane landing in the Hudson River.

The film may lack excitement but the recreation of the landing is brilliant, it’s what the fast forward button was made for.