A TEAM of cyclists from Whitchurch have completed a ride from one football ground to another to raise money for a good cause.

On Sunday, September 6, Whitchurch Alport manager Luke Goddard, alongside striker Alex Hughes and family members Rick and Jim Goddard undertook the 100km round trip to Stoke City's Stadium from Yockings Park in memory of Alport supporter Aaron Millington.

Last month Whitchurch Alport received planning permission to construct the Aaron Millington Terrace at Yockings Park, named after the fan who tragically lost his life in January and the bike ride was to help raise funds for the ambitious project.

The team of four left Yockings Park shortly before 8am, arriving in Stoke at 9.30am, before arriving back home just after 11am.

Although the full figures are yet to be collected, so far the Aaron Millington Fund has raised around £2,000.

Arron's mother Jane said the ride was 'excellent'.

"It was excellent, absolutely excellent," said Jane. "They did it in record time.

"They set of from Alport the four of them at 8.45 in the morning and got to stoke at around 9.30am.

"There was a 10 minute stop at Stoke before getting back at 11.45am.

"Luke Goddard's father is a keen cyclist and he paced they so they didn't burn out and Luke's brother went as a bit of a policeman, to watch out for traffic and make sure none of them fell off.

"It's amazing. We haven't got the final total yet but we've raised around £2,000.

"We've got a tremendous amount of support and we're doing really well."

To donate to Aaron's fund, visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/aaronmillingtonterrace