A LEADING supplier of ingredients and dairy products to the food industry has joined the Responsible Plastic Management program as part of an ongoing pledge to operate more sustainably.

Meadow Foods, which is based in Cheshire, has joined RPM, which is a voluntary global plastic management assurance program, who work across multiple sectors with a mission to reduce plastic waste and pollution.

Alun Lewis, group environmental and sustainability coordinator at Meadow Foods, believes it will improve their work.

He said: “We are pleased to be working with RPM to make changes within our business, that’ll result in a better future for all.

“We’ve already begun implementing more sustainable procedures and will continue this into next year and beyond with the help of the RPM.”

Meadow Foods will work to identify how it can reduce plastic waste and reduce their use of non-recyclable plastic.

Waste is currently used for energy, with none going to landfill and Meadow Foods is also introducing training in responsible waste management.

Changes are expected to come into effect next year, with a focus on transitioning from plastic to cardboard where possible.

It is estimated that around five million tonnes of plastic is used in the UK every year, with half of that being packaging.

As such, Meadow Foods recognises the importance of playing its own part in the proper management of plastic waste, and recycling where possible.

The company has already actioned a number of sustainable initiatives such as a returnable packaging scheme and the intention is to focus more on environmentally friendly processes over the next year.

Dave Garforth, program director at RPM, added: “It’s great to have Meadow Foods on board with our initiative, and we are proud of them for already making more environmentally friendly choices.”