Welcome to the latest Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and thank you all once again for taking the time to submit your photos to the group.

As ever, please keep doing it and also if you are sure of what animal or insect you are snapping, please include that too.

This week we start with a very patient dog who is desperate to start their run around that freshly-harvested field for goodies. The picture is from Martin Hayward.

Below that, we have a tree at the end of its life from Teresa Bandey while John Barrett caught this beauty on a walk through Whixall Moss.

Over the page and it’s a a magical shot of the Mere in Ellesmere from Jill Adger while next to that, Brian Roberts keeps up the good work with another bee close-up.

Brian returns below that with an unidentified but ‘ghostly’ moth while Kathryn Goddard’s finishes the side with a dragonfly.

Paul Cheshire caught this superb sunset with a tropical feel as the sun heads down on summer while next to that is Jackie Reynold’s shot of the sun finally setting on summer this week.

To finish the page is a lovely shot of raindrops on a leaf from Gary Crawford.

Back over the page and it’s a Caroline Barrett double-header as she’s on home turf in Higher Wych to show that autumn is well-and-truly on our door step now.

Joe Sheridan is back with a fine shot of a recent cup Alport competed for while to finish, Carl Wynn’s Mere shot.