Shropshire Council has received a listing from BT of 56 payphones in the Shropshire area that BT propose to permanently remove from service.

BT has an obligation to consult with Shropshire Council with regard to the proposed removal.

A formal 90 day consultation has therefore commenced with the Council, as set out by Ofcom, which concludes on November 11.

In Whitchurch there is currently one payphones up for consultation – in Wayland Road, but Shropshire Council themselves object to its removal based on high usage numbers.

Shropshire Council has given residents until 4pm on Tuesday, September 29 to offer their thoughts on payphone removal, after which a provisional view has to be issued and sent to government referencing the comments and views received by that date and time.

There is then a further one month in which any further views are encouraged, taking us up to 4pm on Monday 9 November.

A final decision will then be issued by the deadline of 11 November 2020.