WORK to repair one of Whitchurch's most iconic buildings has nearly reached completion.

Repair and renovation work at St Alkmund's church began is September last year, with the main focus of the repairs on the replacement of damaged sandstone on the walls and around the windows.

This work was suspended when the Covid-19 enforced lockdown was implemented but resumed in May.

The work has now nearly reached its completion, with the scaffolding being removed and only a few small tasks yet to be completed.

Reverend Judy Hunt, rector of St Alkmund's explained what work was left to complete.

"Those who are able to be 'out and about' will have seen that the scaffolding and cladding around St Alkmund's has been taken down," said Rev Judy. "We're able to see the work that the stone masons have been doing.

"There are a few small areas to finish off this week including the area below one window inside and the return of the restored cross-shaped glass fragments from the building that collapsed in 1711.

"But the current works are very nearly complete."