A WOMAN from Whitchurch is running every day throughout August to raise money for a women's charity.

Jasmine Hope will run 62 miles, two miles a day, every day throughout august to raise money for Refuge, a specialist support charity for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Although Jasmine says she is 'no runner', she is sharing her daily runs via her fundraising page on Facebook and has almost reached her goal of £200.

"I am by no means a runner, I'm not even a massive fan of walking," said Jasmine. "But when I saw this challenge come up I thought why not.

"Five months inside with two children and no escape clearly does things to a person so I've decided I am going to attempt to run 62 miles or 100km throughout August.

"Only two miles a day but if it gets me out the house and raising money for a worthy cause, why not.

"If you see me in my bright pink t-shirt over the next 31 days give me a wave, don't talk to me or I may have a heart attack.

"If you would like to donate please do. It would mean the world.

"I will update regularly on my progress or heart failure, whichever one comes first."