Welcome back to the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and once again, you have shown yourselves to all be a dab hand with the camera.

Starting top left, is the Neowise Comet taken by north Shropshire-based astronomer Pete Williamson while below is a great shot of the much-loved Wrekin by Rosie Hindley.

Jill Adger is next up as she keeps up her reputation as the best sunrise picture taker of Camera Club with this early shot of the Mere in Ellesmere.

Over the page is an outstanding shot of a red kite by Janette Hyde – imagine that majestic bird over your garden?

Can you spot the moth in Claire Mayers’s picture? It’s there somewhere while below that is Teresa Bandey’s hungry bee on her black magic sunflower.

Brian Robert’s caught this rare 16-spot ladybird – what a fascinating sight.

Next is a close-up of flowers by 11-year-old Joe Sheridan and then Mary Morgan’s walk around Ellesmere.

Pauline Jones finishes the page with her hot lava sky over Whitchurch after thundery showers.

Back over the page and it’s our own Barrie White with his shot of his home coast that was too good not to share.

Laura Butler keeps it coming with her peacock butterfly while Katherine Goddard shows off the great colours of the Mere.

And to finish, it’s rolling hills and clouds by Caroline Barrett.