A FUNDRAISING appeal has been launched to upgrade and repair the clock at St Alkmund's church in Whitchurch.

The clock is ticking to provide updates for the timepiece, which has been off the pace for some time – with a faulty autoregulator to blame.

Reverend Judy Hunt, rector of St Alkmund's, says around £3,000 is needed to fund the repairs.

"St Alkmund’s Church Tower, with its clock, is a wonderful landmark in Whitchurch," said Rev Judy.

"Some of the impact on visitors, however, is lost if the clock is not keeping the right time.

"Also, lack of correct time keeping is not appreciated by Whitchurch residents – judging from e mails, phone calls and posts on Facebook.

"The Friends of St Alkmund’s Charity is hoping to fund alterations and upgrades to the mechanism of the clock.

"The mechanism was changed from manual winding to electric in 2011 and at this time an autoregulator was installed. This autoregulator is no longer functioning as it should.

"We need a new and effective autoregulator plus a new automatic hour change system, quoted at £2,904 and the continued annual servicing with a quote of £222 per annum.”

To donate to the clock's fund, make cheques payable to 'The Friends of St Alkmund’s Whitchurch' and send them via The Rectory, Church St, Whitchurch, SY13 1LB, or make a donation by BACS, referencing the clock to The Friends of St Alkmund’s Whitchurch with the sort code 20-77-85 and account number 73735419.

For Gift Aid, contact Rev Judy Hunt for a form on revjudyhunt@gmail.com or 01948 667253.