A WHITCHURCH woman is helping businesses around town support a good cause as well as making their premises Covid-19 free.

Tracy Williams, who runs Sandec Solutions with her daughter Charlotte Groves, has brought the technology of fogging to Whitchurch.

Fogging is typically used by pest control businesses to fill an area with bug-killing chemicals, but Tracy has repurposed the technology to spray a non-toxic Covid-killing chemical-free solution instead.

By running her own business, Tracy is able to offer the service at a fraction of the cost of larger industrial firms and a percentage of the cost each business pays goes to Mind, a charity close to Tracy's heart.

"Last year we suffered a bereavement in the family which made us want to focus on the effect of mental health on businesses," said Tracy.

"I saw so many people struggling through the lockdown, as well as their businesses."

Tracy says she got the idea for her fogging business after seeing it on a news report, but was shocked at the cost.

"On the news about I saw a firm that was fogging, but it was so expensive," she added.

"My friend owns a pest control business and I asked if he could get some of these foggers for me, which he had to order from the USA.

"I thought we could do this at a fraction of the cost and the businesses then get a sticker saying when they were last fogged so they know the shop is safe.

"It uses a solution that is totally safe, it doesn't cost much for the business and a percentage of the money goes to Mind.

"Ideally we want as many businesses in Whitchurch to sign up as we can so people can feel safe."

Michael Brayne, who runs Nicky B's in Watergate Street alongside his wife Nicola, said the unobtrusive and non-toxic nature of fogging was ideal for his business and his customers.

"We pride ourselves on the health of our customers and having people stay safely without having to worry about Covid-19," said Michael.

"That's why we took up Tracy's offer to come on board. Obviously using a non-toxic solution is a perfect option for us."

Tracy added that she hopes to regularly present a cheque to Mind with the funds raised through her business.

Other businesses involved with Tracy and Charlotte include Maxines' Fruit and Veg, Kaz's Cuts and Card Market.