IT IS set to be a hot one tomorrow, with temperatures across north Shropshire reaching 30C in areas.

Visitors to Oswestry and Whitchurch on Friday afternoon will do well to bring their shorts, with temperatures sitting above 26C from 12noon, reaching a peak of 28C between 3pm and 4pm.

Things will cool down in the evening though will still remain hot, only dipping below 20C as the rain arrives at around 9pm.

Saturday will be somewhat more manageable, only reaching 19C at best, though those wanting to get a tan will be disappointed, with the weather being overcast all day.

Deputy chief forecaster, Brent Walker, said that while Friday will be hot, a heatwave is not on the way.

“There is quite a change in the weather coming by the end of the week, with increasing sunshine and a day of hot conditions on Friday," he said.

"It won’t persist long enough to become a heatwave as a cold front moves in on Saturday, bringing the temperatures back down to around average for the time of year.”

To meet the criteria for a heatwave, high temperatures need to persist for three days or more so this short hot spell will not reach the requirements.