Welcome to this week’s Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and thank you to everyone, young and old, who has submitted pictures for this week.

We’ve had such a great selection of pictures this week – both in terms of quality and volume – that it’s a bumper double page edition, filled with the wonders of nature from the smallest insect to the most expansive skies.

Head to the Facebook page to see what we left out because the standard is so very high.

Teresa Bandey kicks us off with her tough-looking swan gang, while below that is Karen Allmark’s more tranquil shot of Tilley Green Pond.

Brian Robert’s first submission is this brilliant harvest sunset, while over the page we have a post-rain sunset from Caroline Barrett.

Danimal Edwards is next as he caught a hardworking bee on some flowers, while Brian is back with his charming pooch and its prize possession – and apple

Another pup in this week’s collection is this terrier taken by talented 12-year-old Isobel Taylor.

Next to that is Poppy Hall’s shot. She says she can see an eagle in the shape of the cloud – can you?

Gary Crawford’s wildflowers are next while to finish the page is Laura Butler’s Hanmer sunset.

Regular contributor Kate Long is next up with a Marbled White butterfly and then Karen Holding’s peaceful time on the Heath.

Teresa is back with this picture of a horse, followed by another exceptional shot from a youngster – Samuel Barber is 9.