POSTMEN and usually known for wearing shorts all year round, but the 'posties' of Whitchurch have wearing something altogether more eye-catching lately.

To put a smile on people's faces throughout lockdown, postman Andrew Jenkins has been wearing various items of fancy dress, with the stunt also helping raise money for Whitchurch Community Hospital.

This week Andrew has been dressed as something fans of the TV show 'The Mighty Boosh' might recognise as 'the Hitcher', but in the past has appeared as one of the Smurfs.

Graham King from Whitchurch Rotary Club, who captured Andrew in all his glory, expressed his delight at the costumed postman.

"Hats off, again, to Andrew," he said. "Is this the best yet, or was it the child-friendly Smurf?

"One more week to go. I'm going to miss these costumes.

"But don't forget any money you give goes to the Whitchurch Community Hospital."

Meanwhile Andrew thanked the community for their support, and promised something equally outrageous for next week.

"Thanks everyone, seeing all your facial expressions make it all worthwhile and thanks again to all who have donated," said Andrew.

"Hope next week's fancy dress gives you a smile and a few laughs. Tried it on tonight and all I could say is "oh dear God!" while rolling my eyes."