ELLESMERE College has said a sad goodbye to a long-serving member of staff, who has retired this year.

Cathy Allen is retiring to Oxfordshire after 15 years at the college working as an English as an alternate language (EAL) teacher, and hopes to continue her environmental work.

A well travelled as well as a well liked character, Cathy came to Ellesmere College in September 2005 from an International School in Dusseldorf where she had been head of EAL for 10 years.

Prior to that she lived and taught in Zambia, Cyprus and Ethiopia.

A spokesman for Old Ellesmerians thanked Cathy for her work at the college and for people in Tanzania, in helping to 'changing lives'.

"A force to be reckoned with, Cathy was instrumental in the involvement of the College in the MUN, and setting up the Monduli Bazaar & Walk, Green Team, and wildlife garden," they said.

"She also started the Monduli Green Charity after talking with her friend who came from the Monduli area in Tanzania and has since raised more than £50,000 for the charity – we think that's a modest estimate.

"Not only has the Monduli Green charity changed the lives of countless Tanzanian school children there, it has also changed the lives of countless numbers of our own students’ lives too through their work and volunteer efforts.

"Thank you Cathy and we wish you all the best."