WHITCHURCH Town Council will meet this week to discuss the new documentation for the grounds maintenance tender.

Several agenda items will also be discussed at the meeting, which will be held via Zoom on Thursday, July 16.

At last month's full council meeting councillors agreed to set up a working group to review the tender document and bring back this finalised tender document to the July council meeting.

This document will be discussed and the council will set a date for new submissions to be received as well as making a decision on whether to hold an extraordinary meeting in August to discuss the submissions.

Also on the agenda is a motion from Councillor Ruth Shepard, regarding the formation of a Task and Finish Group to review all policies, existing and in draft, relating to the minute-taking, audio and visual recording, and any other form of recording discussions from all committee and full council meetings.

The reasoning behind this motion is to ensure these policies align, are not contradictory, provide clarity and remove any ambiguity about what can be recorded, published, retained, deleted and shared – from and to.

Councillors will also vote on any new applications for town councillors, as well as discussing the minutes from various committee meetings held since the last meeting.

The council is also searching for quotes for the refurbishment of the Civic Centre bar lounge, and have budgeted £10,000 towards the costs.

For the last month Green End and High Street have been closed to road traffic using temporary barriers, and councillor will discuss a suggestion to install bollards in Green End to enable easier road closures in future.

Councillors are also requested to discuss the opportunity to encourage pubs and cafes to set tables out on the closed roads.

Councillors are requested to nominate working group members to develop a joint quote document merging both the town centre and Jubilee Park CCTV servicing and maintenance into one quote, therefore one contract.

The council are also requested to decide if they wish to hold an annual council meeting in September 2020 or to retain the current council structure.

The government has disapplied the legal requirement to hold the annual meeting in 2020 because of the coronavirus and this can be left until May 2021.