A WHITCHURCH fast food restaurant has submitted a planning application for a refurbishment of the premises.

The refurbishment of the McDonald’s restaurant includes changes to its appearance, as well as an extension to the car park and replacement of the drive-thru booths.

The application is also for minor alterations to kerb lines within the drive-thru lane incorporating reconfigured parking bays and associated works to the site and construction of a replacement storage area.

There are currently 43 parking spaces at the Wrexham Road restaurant, which will increase by one space to 44 under the plans.

But as well as the addition of one extra, the main feature of the car park extension is the creation of two new disabled parking spaces, replacing the waiting zones for drive-thru food, which have been moved.

The one way system will be further emphasised.

There will also be changes to the interior of the restaurant, with the seating plan being revised and kitchen extended.

The plans were submitted to Shropshire Council at the start of July and have gone to consultation, which will end on August 3.

The increase in capacity at the restaurant may cause some concern among some Whitchurch residents, with much comment being made on social media regarding the litter produced by the restaurant, especially since reopening after lockdown last month.

At the start of June the Herald reported how residents had become frustrated at litter being discarded at car parks near to the restaurant, especially as the restaurant’s own car park had been closed as a Covid-19 precaution.

While McDonald’s does have members of staff who regularly do a litter pick of the surrounding area, the frustrations remain for many.

Bronington resident Steve Swinden has suggested that local authorities should do more to tackle the amount of litter.

“There is increasing concern as to the state of the layby on the A525 just before the A495 in Redbrook Maelor,” said Steve.

“Since McDonald’s has opened again it is effectively being used as a dumping ground for takeaway litter.

“I know there is nothing McDonald’s can do and it’s down to their feckless customers, but we need at least bigger bins or signage saying its being monitored.

“To be fair to Wrexham Borough Council they do come and clear it up, but in between visits it’s a health hazard and an eye sore.”