PUBGOERS across Whitchurch have cautiously embraced the new way of doing things according to landlords.

Pubs across the UK were given permission to open their doors once again on Saturday, July 4 and many in Whitchurch did just that.

The Wheatsheaf in Green End has been operating a takeaway service through the last weeks, with the Sunday roasts proving popular.

Landlord Maureen Wiles said both Saturday and Sunday had been busy, but that visitors had been sensible with social distancing.

“Saturday was chocka, but not crazy,” said Maureen. “We had plenty of people in but there was no trouble, everyone was well behaved.

“It was a fantastic day, the atmosphere was great.

“It was busy on Monday too, probably one of the biggest Mondays we’ve ever had.

“I painted lines on the ground in the pub garden for social distancing, but the rain washed them away.

“But everyone was sensible and followed social distancing anyway.”

The new landlord at the Watergate, Mike Howarth, said Saturday was quieter than what he was expecting, but was happy to offer a safe drinking environment.

“It was quite quiet on Saturday,” said Mike. “People have told me what this place is usually like on a Saturday.

“Everyone was quite well behaved though, just quite a subdued atmosphere.

“There were a few party revellers on Sunday, but I think they were a carry-over from Saturday. We did have full table service through both days, which I just feel is a lot safer for for guests.”

The Old Town Hall Vaults was one of the few pubs not open on Saturday, instead gearing up for a Sunday opening.

Landlady Caz Tomkinson said that customers have been impressed with the way safety has been handled at the pub.

“We didn’t open Saturday,” said Caz. “We didn’t think it was wise, we thought it would be manic.

“We opened on Sunday and it went really well. People stuck to guidelines and we explained to them about giving us their details for 21 days.

“And then we guided them to a table, explained how the social-distancing and the table service worked.

“It worked really well, we operated a one-way system, so people cam in through the front door and left through the back gate.

“Every time someone left, we thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated their table and customers were so impressed with how thorough we were with cleaning.

“We’re proud to be be a Joules pub, flying the flag high for the company.

“We’ve revised our hours too, which we will review daily and change if the situation changes.

“But overall it’s gone well.”