AUDLEM Parish Council has launched a 'community team' to assist with the organisation of the various volunteer groups throughout the village.

Currently there are around 30 volunteer groups around the village, catering to various aspects of society and the new team has been created to oversee and bring the groups together.

The group is being headed by Councillor Ralph Warburton, with fellow parish councillors Lynette Hopkins, Suzie Warren , Paul Barrett, Lorna Mathews and Pat Salt also being on the team.

"Under the chairmanship of Steve Boyes and with the total agreement of all councillors, we have created teams within the council each team being charged with ensuring we blend in with all of Audlem and give our service fully," said Cllr Warburton.

"All built on the wonderful base shown in this difficult period by ADCA and local businesses for the village – assisted by the Parish Council .

"I have been asked to head up the team which will aim to link much closer with all the myriad of voluntary groups here – of which there are over 30 – reflecting the wonderful community spirit that exists in our village.

"With Covid-19 all have been holding our breath for weeks, but now as we feel we can see daylight, we will be meeting in July by the use of online Zoom.

"This to review just where we are and how to reset contact with all, with the view to seeing just what we as part of this now vibrant Parish Council can do to help such bodies."