The Member of Parliament for Clwyd South, Simon Baynes has highlighted the difficulties of Clwyd South dairy farmers to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, in the House of Commons.

Mr Baynes asked Defra Secretary George Eustice MP if he could work with the Welsh Government to secure greater milk processing capacity so Welsh dairy farmers can get a fair price for their ‘world-class’ milk.

He also drew attention to the particular struggles of Clwyd South dairy farmers who have been hard hit recently by the demise of Tomlinson’s Dairies and by bovine TB.

In response, Mr Eustice highlighted the ways the two governments have been working, and said: “The Government has had to take some unprecedented steps to control the coronavirus.

“It is the case that parts of the dairy industry were affected by the closure of the hospitality sector earlier in March.

“The Government does indeed work with the devolved administrations to improve outcomes for our dairy farmers.

“Indeed, just recently, jointly with the devolved administration, we launched a consultation seeking views from dairy farmers and processors on new regulations to secure transparency and fairness in dairy contracts.

Mr Baynes added: “I am very pleased that the Westminster and Welsh governments are working together on ways to help the dairy sector.

“And I’m very pleased that additional grant funding is being made available in England and hope that a similar package will be made available in Wales.”