A MAN from Loppington has proved it is never too late to follow your dreams after publishing two novels.

Drew Glasgow became an author in 2019 after his 60th birthday, and has now published two books, 'A Killing in Gold' and 'Song of Death'.

Both books feature his main character Buckley, a wisened former career criminal and Drew says becoming an author has been a long-held ambition of his.

"I became an author last year, when I turned 60," said Drew. "It was something I'd wanted to do for a long time and I thought, if not now, when.

"I wrote my first book 'A Killing In Gold' and put it on Amazon last March.

"I enjoyed the writing process so much that I wrote a second book 'Song Of Death' which I published on Amazon a few days ago.

"The reason for the delay between publishing books was because various life events got in the way of my sitting down at the keyboard, mainly having to move house.

"I intend now to publish more frequently, every three months or so.

"The character of Buckley, a former career criminal, is drawn from several people I've known over the years, with a large dose of me mixed in as well – not the criminal bit!

"His age is unspecified, but he's had more yesterdays than he will tomorrows, as it were. A glass half full kind of guy, he's still up for a challenge, but he's aware of the ways of the world, and acts accordingly.

"My latest book 'Song Of Death' is intended to be an an exciting and amusing read, which will hopefully entice readers that they want to purchase further books in the series to discover how Buckley's life progresses."

For more information on Drew's books, visit drewglasgow.co.uk